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System Layout

Robot positioning in the plant, the correct distance to the particular work areas and a convenient work height are essential factors for achieving the required length of cycle. An inconvenient positioning can also increase the startup and programming effort immensely. In order to best optimize the results in difficult circumstances, KOLLER Robot Solutions offers the most competent advice with regard to your layout planning.

Robot Selection

Selecting suitable robots for your task should be planned thoughtfully. Components like robot range, the required load capacity and the cycle time and also the acquisition costs have to be harmonized for cost-effective operating. Our team of KOLLER Robot Solutions will support you with pleasure to choose the required robot from our rich range of products to best meet your expectations.

Gripping and Clamping Technology – Tools

The right selection of tools as well as the required gripping and clamping technology are decisive keys to make your robot project succeed. KOLLER Robot Solutions provides expert advice with 25 years of experience. Our partners are also able to offer partial and complete solutions on request.

Cycle Time Analysis

The expected project profitability can only be achieved if the required cycle time is complied with and no endless follow-up works are necessary. With good preplanning precise cycle time analysis can avoid bad surprises.


Technology Package

The use of customer and application specific tech packages ease the product type related site fitting when configuring the plant. The robot programme provides inline forms, which allows to customize the programme to your product by teaching and parameter change with minimized time effort. KOLLER Robot Solutions develops a procedurally and individually customized technology package for you or allows the beneficial use of a wide range of complete tech packages.

A tech package for each project

We provide:

  • tech packages for varnishing surfaces, which only need to set the key points. The rest will be adjusted through parameters in the surface inline form.
  • tech packages for drilling and thread-cutting, which requires teaching of drilling position or programming the coordinates. Forward fee, pull-back, path, speed, pre-drilling as well as with or without coolant can be adjusted in the form.
  • Tech packages for grinding, deburring, milling, trimming the outer contours and circular motion which specify the midpoint, start angle, end angles, attack angle, entry strategy, etc.
  • Inline forms for ‘point-to-point motion’ and ‘linear motion’ save the coordinates of all type-specific positions right after touch-up.

This is just a small extract of our proven repertoire. We are curiously looking forward to your application projects!


Robot Programming

Whether VKRCx or KRCx, thanks to our 20 years of experience with KUKA control systems your application will be created and tested within a very short period. Of course, while designing your programme, we will be able to fall back on our extensive holdings of standards. Since 2004 the continuously extended module krs.Handling can be successfully applied for 95 % of all handling tasks (except specific corporate standards). Krs.Handling meets highest expectations on the newest state of the art. Components like free run mode, draw back mode, restart mode, dialogue-led adjusting, etc are a doubtless must.

Process Control

It is possible to choose among a process control directly at the robot or via standardized and documented order interface to a superior PLC as well as a process control by a master computer.

Periphery Control

The robot and its surrounding plant elements can be both controlled with the robot control integrated PLC. This minimizes additional hardware and programming costs with smaller applications.



To provide to the robot operator a clearly arranged display about the system status, it requires more than just a few buttons. Concerning this KOLLER Robot Solutions relies on a powerful, by .net developed tool, named RoboVision.The pc-based RoboVision.HMI has already been optimized for Windows10 and multi-touch and is also available for tablets. The robot communicates via Ethernet.XML (alternatively OPC or possible as adjustment to the customized port. With Rv.HMI we have succeeded for the first time to solely display functions and elements, which are actually  being performed at that time. The navigation on the functions of the plant is self-descriptive. Its interface was inspired by well-developed screens of modern smartphones and tablets.

Control System

The Rv.Designer quickly generates the KUKA KRL-code.

  1. Define your machine(s)
  2. Create positions in the surrounding area of your machine(s)
  3. Add functions to the positions
  4. Ready – now you can generate the KRL-code

The Rv.Production generates the production flow. With the Rv.Designer created stations you can define a process schedule for single production steps. Those generated schedules can provide a KRL-code in order to navigate robot processes, also generate a PLC programme to allow the superior control to take over the sequence control or the rv.production takes over the control as master computer.

Prozess Data

The rv.messenger filters from the RoboVision-controlled plant vast quantities of data, information, status, phases and events, especially those which you are interested in, and forwards them directly to your devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, printer, etc).

For example, it is possible to configure your rv.Messenger so that you will be informed as soon as your plant counts 10 manufacturing cycles (shortage of material) left before end.


rv.Designer, rv.Production, rv.HMI and rv.Messenger access the same data pool and are perfectly attuned to one another.